Pakistan becomes ‘manpower export leader’, Beating regional countries India and Bangladesh

Pakistan becomes manpower export leader

Pakistan: Pakistan has gone ahead in the matter of sending workers abroad. Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Pakistan has become a giant country in terms of sending workers abroad, beating other regional countries like India and Bangladesh. Pakistan has emerged as the ‘manpower export leader’ in the region by sending around 224,705 workers to various countries in 2020.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Overseas and Human Resources tweeted that Bangladesh sent 217,699 workers abroad for the purpose of employment last year while India sent 94,145 people out.

According to the Pakistani ministry, “Pakistan has become the ‘manpower export leader’ in the region despite the pandemic. In 2020, Pakistan overtook India and Bangladesh in terms of sending out human resources. “

According to the Economic Survey released by the Government of Pakistan, more than 11.4 million Pakistanis have been sent abroad for employment in more than 50 countries. Also, Pakistani workers (96 percent) mostly go to Gulf countries. In this too, most turn to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. However, due to Corona, there was a decline in the case of registered migrants in 2020. The highest 60 percent of Pakistanis went to Saudi Arabia to work. Wherein 24% of Pakistani workers chose the United Arab Emirates for work. 4.6% of Pakistani workers arrived in Oman.

Pakistan becomes manpower export leader

According to the Pakistan Economic Survey data, during 2020 a total of 136,339 people went to Saudi Arabia, 53,676 to UAE, 10,336 to Oman, and many other countries. The Economic Survey states that the ministry is trying to promote the deployment of Pakistani human resources by exploring new job markets in the world.

According to the AFP report, Pakistan has benefited financially by sending laborers abroad. Money orders sent by workers brought in more than $2 billion in May. According to the Pakistani Central Bank, the US $ 2.5 billion in money entered Pakistan in May. This is 33.5% higher than the same period last year.

Let us tell you that Pakistan is giving more emphasis on the problems of its expatriate citizens. Prime Minister Imran Khan had recalled the ambassador and six other officials from Saudi Arabia in April 2021. Because complaints were lodged against these officials by the Pakistani community living in the Kingdom. The six officials who have been issued recall orders were employed in the diplomatic, community welfare, and consular wing of the embassy.