Pak Army is making a ‘conspiracy’ to bring Imran Khan on ‘backfoot’, know what is the matter

Imran khan-Bajwa

New Delhi: In Pakistan, the Islamic right-wing party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan-TLP is currently protesting against the Imran Khan government. In the midst of these demonstrations, CNN has received information, quoting sources, that the Pakistani Army is adding fuel to the fire to increase the dispute between the TLP and the Imran government. Please tell that TLP has been banned in Pakistan.

Sources say – Pak Army wants the protests to continue so that the Imran government will come on ‘backfoot’. Sources also say that Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa is upset with the delay in the appointment of Lt Gen Nadeem Anjum as ISI head.

Why is TLP performing?
TLP is protesting against the arrest of its leader Saad Rizvi. Saad was arrested in April last when the administration decided to ban TLP. Another demand for the TLP’s demonstration is the expulsion of the French ambassador from Pakistan. In fact, under the leadership of the TLP, an anti-French campaign was launched earlier this year, after which the French embassy warned its citizens to leave the country.

Violent demonstration
On Wednesday, TLP supporters opened fire during the rally in which three policemen were killed and 260 others were injured. Sources say that talks are going on between the Pakistan Army and Leader of Opposition Shahbaz Sharif. The Pakistan Army Headquarters has not ruled out the possibility that Shahbaz Sharif can be the replacement of Imran Khan if this demonstration continues.

Imran khan-Bajwa

Conversation failed
Meanwhile, all talks between the Imran government and the TLP have failed. As a result, the capital Islamabad has been ‘blocked’ through containers. In fact, the Imran government had not only banned TLP but also declared it a terrorist organization. The Government of Pakistan had not issued its notification in its country. It was only sent to the Financial Task Force and informed that a terrorist organization has been declared. Now TLP wants his name to be removed from the list and declared as the largest political party of the country.