Oscar-winning actor Leonardo is dating Indian-origin British model, know Who is Neelam Gill?

Leonardo-Neelam gill

New Delhi: Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio is always very careful about his personal life. Whether it is Leonardo’s birthday party or the gathering of friends at his home, on both occasions the guests are prohibited from taking photographs. In the past, Leonardo had invited guests on his birthday but did not allow them to photograph the ceremony. Even after taking so much care, Leonardo’s fans gather information about his personal life.

Now Oscar-winning actor Leonardo is making a lot of headlines these days about his new girlfriend. The news is that Leonardo is dating Neelam Gill, a British model of Indian origin. Recently, Leonardo reached a restaurant with his mother to meet Neelam. From here both were seen coming out together. After which the fans have guessed the affair of both. However, this is not the first time that both have been seen together.

Earlier, Leonardo and Neelam Gill were also seen together at the Cannes Festival. Both had entered the Cannes Festival together. Leonardo’s film was also nominated here. In this sequence, Leonardo was seen with his alleged girlfriend Neelam Gill. After this, Leonardo recently went to dinner with his mother at the Chiltern Fire House in London. According to ‘Page Six’, a Hollywood news organization, ‘Leonardo was seen in a public place with Sapphire for the second time. Earlier, good chemistry was also seen between Leonardo and Neelam at the Cannes Festival.

Who is Neelam Gill?
Leonardo’s alleged girlfriend Neelam Gill is originally a British model of Indian origin. Born on 27 April 1995 in the city of Coventry, England, Neelam also has a sister named Jasmine. Neelam’s parents belong to a Punjabi family of Indian origin. Neelam has been active in the world of modeling and glamor since childhood. At the age of just 14, Neelam modeled for the British heritage brand Burberry. Neelam was the first model who got a chance to do this despite not being British. After this, Neelam is continuously active in the modeling world. Neelam also has a special attachment to India.

Leonardo-Neelam gill

Neelam Gill is 25 years younger than Leonardo
Both Leonardo and Neelam Gill work in the world of glamour. But there is a huge age gap between the two. Neelam Gill is only 28 years old. At the same time, Leonardo DiCaprio’s age is more than 53 years. In such a situation, there is a gap of more than 25 years between the two. However, both the stars have not yet given any statement regarding the relationship.