OpenAI co-founder and president Greg Brockman quits after CEO Sam Altman fired by board

Sam Altman-Greg Brockman

New Delhi: The board of directors of OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research company, has fired its CEO Sam Altman, citing a lack of honesty and confidence in his leadership. Following the shocking decision, the co-founder and president of OpenAI, Greg Brockman, has also resigned from his position, expressing his dismay and gratitude in a statement on X.

Sam Altman, who joined OpenAI as its CEO in 2019, was accused of not being truthful in his communication with the board, and of failing to lead the company effectively. The board announced its decision to terminate Altman’s employment in a press release, saying that it was in the best interest of OpenAI and its mission.

Altman, who was previously the president of Y Combinator, a startup accelerator, took to X, a microblogging platform, to share his feelings about his ouster. He said that he loved his time at OpenAI and that he was proud of working with talented people. He also thanked the people who supported him and said that he had a weird experience of reading his own eulogy while he was still alive.

Sam Altman-Greg Brockman

Greg Brockman, who co-founded OpenAI in 2015 with a vision of creating artificial intelligence that can benefit humanity without causing harm or being controlled by a few, also posted his statement on X, shortly after Altman’s post. He said that he and Altman were shocked and saddened by what the board did and that they were still trying to figure out what happened. He also thanked the people who worked with them at OpenAI, their customers, their investors, and those who reached out to them. He said that they would be fine and that greater things were coming soon.

The sudden departure of Altman and Brockman from OpenAI has raised many questions and speculations in the tech industry, as the company is known for its groundbreaking research and innovation in artificial intelligence. OpenAI has developed several impressive AI systems, such as GPT-3, a powerful natural language generator, and DALL-E, a creative image generator. The company has also attracted funding and support from prominent figures, such as Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, and Microsoft.

However, Altman has also hinted that he has some secrets to reveal and that the board of OpenAI might go after him for the full value of his shares if he starts to spill the beans. In another post on X, he said “If I start going off, the OpenAI board should go after me for the full value of my shares”. It is not clear what secrets he is referring to, and what impact they might have on the future of OpenAI and its projects.