Oil crisis in Britain, British Army will deliver fuel to petrol pumps from Monday: Report

Oil crisis in Britain

London: The fuel crisis in Britain is continuously deepening. In many parts of the UK, gas stations are closed due to the non-availability of oil at petrol pumps. It is reported that the British Army has been deployed to end the oil crisis in Britain. From Monday, army drivers will start trying to deliver oil.

According to a report in Daily Mail, soldiers will start delivering petrol from Monday to end the fuel crisis. Downing About 200 military drivers are being deployed in this task. However, motorists may have to pay a little more per liter at the pump. Industry experts say the crisis is worsening in London and the South East.

Britain is currently facing a huge oil crisis. Long queues of vehicles are seen at petrol pumps in many parts of the UK and in many places there are no fuel boards. In fact, the UK government is planning to enlist the help of the military to help deal with the fuel supply problem caused by a shortage of truck drivers, so that they can be employed if needed. Vehicles queued up at fuel stations amid fears of fuel shortage.