Now earth trembled in Palestine as well, people were scared of earthquakes in Jerusalem

earth trembled in Palestine

Jerusalem: Earthquake tremors have been felt in Palestine. However, there is no news of the loss of life or property so far. After the powerful earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on February 6, mild tremors were also felt in Jerusalem on Wednesday, creating an atmosphere of fear among the people. The Israeli report says that mild tremors have been felt in the Jerusalem area.

Similarly, in the preliminary information of the European Monitoring Group, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake has been reported in the Dead Sea region. Experts have warned that if a powerful earthquake strikes, there could be huge damage because Israel’s infrastructure is not adequately prepared.

Home Front Command says there is no danger after a minor earthquake near Jerusalem. The Seismology Division of the Ministry of Energy also confirmed a minor earthquake near Jerusalem. The ministry says the 3.5-magnitude earthquake struck at 11:14 pm local time and its epicenter was about 15 kilometers (9 miles) southeast of Ariel in the West Bank.

earth trembled in Palestine

Tremors were felt as far as the Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh, and Mevseret Zion areas. The IDF’s Home Front Command says the earthquake warning system has not been activated because it was of low intensity and did not pose any danger to people. Israel is a vulnerable area to earthquakes due to its location on the Syrian African Rift. This rift passes through the Jordan Valley in the eastern part of the country.

These tremors have come at a time when devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have completely devastated both countries. Even after the earthquake on February 6, the aftershocks that occurred more than 200 times in Turkey have filled people’s hearts with terror.