North Korea attempting to excavate plutonium to build nuclear weapons: report

plutonium-north korea

Seoul: The 38 North, a website focused on research on North Korea, quoted pictures recently obtained from the satellite, claiming that North Korea in its main nuclear complex and nuclear weapons. (Nuclear Weapon) is probably attempting to excavate ‘plutonium’.

A few weeks ago, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un pledged to increase the stock of his nuclear weapons. It said that the coal-fired power plant at North Korea’s Yangbyon nuclear complex has been resumed after two years of operations.

Satellite photos showed smoke coming out of the plant several times in late February and early March. An article published on the website on Wednesday said that it appears that “North Korea is preparing to reprocess the previously used nuclear fuel to excavate the plutonium required for nuclear weapons.” Two important components required for the manufacture of nuclear weapons are augmented uranium and plutonium. However, it also stated that it could also mean that “the plant is being prepared for the disposal of radioactive waste.”

Earlier this week, Rafael Mariano Grossi, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that some nuclear institutions in North Korea continue to operate.