NDP may become kingmaker in Canada elections, Justin Trudeau will become PM again

Justin Trudeau will become PM again

Toronto: Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party got the most seats in the Canadian elections, but it is far from a majority. Despite this, he would easily become the third Prime Minister of Canada. Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party (NDP) will help him in this. Trudeau got 156 seats in the 338-seat lower house. For the majority, it needs 14 seats. At the same time, the NDP has 27 seats, which will support the Liberal Party. In such a situation, Jagmeet Singh of Indian origin will prove to be the kingmaker in the formation of the government. This time 17 Indian diaspora have won the elections.

Punjabi community raised flags in Canada
This time 16 Punjabis out of 41 have won in Canadian elections. At the same time, 21 Punjabi women had also entered the electoral fray, out of which only 6 got the victory. Defense Minister Harjit Singh defeated Sukhbir Gill of the Conservative Party from Vancouver South. Diversity Minister Bardish Chaggar has retained the Waterloo seat, while Public Services Minister Anita Anand has retained the Oval seat. Harjit Sajjan, Anita Anand, and Bardish Chagar, who won the election, were also included in the former cabinet.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh won from Barnabe seat. Sukh Dhaliwal defeated Avneet Johal of NDP. Randeep Singh Sarai of the Liberal Party defeated Sonia Andy of NDP from Surrey Central. Other winning candidates from Punjab include Sonia Sidhu, Kamal Khaira, Bardish Chaggar, Anita Anand, Jagjit Singh, Maninder Sidhu, Randeep Sahai, Param Dhaliwal, George Chahal, Jasraj Halan, Tim Uppal. An Indian-born also lives from Kerala.

Justin Trudeau will become PM again

Hoshiarpur Sting in Canada
This time too, Hoshiarpur including Punjab has become proud again after winning the election of 4 MPs belonging to Hoshiarpur in Canada. Where two daughters of Hoshiarpur MP Ruby Sahota and Anju Dhillon (Gadhdiwal) have become MPs again. At the same time, Lt Col Harjit Singh Sajjan, a resident of village Babeli (Mahilpur), won the election for the third time. Sukh Dhaliwal has become an MP from Surrey-Newton for the 5th time.

PM Trudeau backward in the popular vote
PM Justin Trudeau lags behind the Conservative Party this time in the popular vote. The Liberal Party got 31.8%, while the Conservative Party got 34.1% of the vote. The fear of the fourth wave of Corona and the dissatisfaction against the government in the course of Corona overshadowed the ruling party.