Navratri in Afghanistan seen in Viral VIDEO

Navratri celebrated in Kabu

Kabul: These days Navratri (Navratri 2021) is celebrated in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. There the whole atmosphere has become devotional due to Jagran and Kirtan. Now you must be thinking that if the Taliban has occupied Afghanistan, then how are Hindus and Sikhs celebrating Navratri there. The answer is getting from the video going viral on social media. (watch the video below)

People of Hindu and Sikh communities living under the fear of Taliban are doing kirtan and jagrata at Asmai temple in Kabul on Navratri. Its videos are going viral on social media.

Navratri celebrated in Kabu

According to reports, Ram Sharan Singh, chairman of the management committee of the Asmai temple in Kabul, told that he organized a Bhandara along with kirtan and Jagran. In this, food was fed to the needy. About 150 people had gathered in the program, which included Sikhs along with Hindus living in Afghanistan.

These Hindu-Sikhs have also appealed to the Government of India to expel them from Afghanistan soon. These people say that at present the economic condition of Afghanistan is not good at all. They are facing many problems.