Naked Passenger Causes Chaos on Australian Flight: Arrested by Police

Virgin Australia

New Delhi: In a bizarre incident aboard a Virgin Australia flight, a man allegedly ran naked down the aisle, knocking over a flight attendant and prompting the plane to turn back. The incident occurred during a scheduled 3-hour and 30-minute flight from Perth on the west coast to Melbourne on the east coast. Here are the details:

  • Disruptive Passenger: Flight VA696 was forced to return to Perth Airport due to a disruptive passenger. Australian Federal Police officers were on standby, and the unruly guest was promptly offloaded by the airline.
  • Mid-Flight Streaking: According to police, the man stripped off his clothes mid-flight and sprinted through the aircraft, knocking a crew member to the floor. The exact location of this impromptu streaking escapade remains unclear.
  • Hospital Assessment: Authorities transferred the man to a hospital for assessment, where he currently remains. The reasons behind his unusual behavior are yet to be determined.
  • Legal Proceedings: Police plan to summon the man to appear in a Perth court on June 14. The specific charges he will face are still pending.
  • Apology and Safety: Virgin Australia apologized to affected passengers, emphasizing that passenger and crew safety remains their top priority.
Virgin Australia