Mysterious object found on Australian beach was debris from the third stage of (PSLV)

Mysterious object found on Australian beach

Sydney: A mysterious thing was found on a beach in Australia, which put people in doubt. For many days the investigation went on as to whether this is a curse. Now the country’s space agency has told that the mysterious object found on the Australian beach on July 17 has been identified as the wreckage of an Indian rocket. A barnacle-encrusted cylinder was found near Jurien Bay in mid-July, prompting speculation from the military about its connection to the missing MH370 flight.

Debris from the third stage of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
After less than two weeks of investigating a piece of debris, the Australian Space Agency (ASA) on Monday confirmed that the object may have been part of the third stage of the “Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle” operated by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). There was debris coming out of it. However, the Indian agency has not yet publicly confirmed this report. The agency tweeted, “We have concluded that the object found on a beach near Jurion Bay in Western Australia is most likely to be debris from the third stage of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)”. PSLV is a medium-lift launch vehicle operated by ISRO. Chandrayaan-3 was launched from this.

Now both countries are getting together
The two-meter-tall object with two wires dangling from it is currently in storage as the two countries cooperate to confirm its identity and discuss their obligations under UN space treaties. “The debris is in storage and the Australian Space Agency is working with ISRO to confirm when determining next steps, including considering obligations under UN space treaties,” the ASA said.

Mysterious object found on Australian beach

Debris has already been found
It has further been said that if people see any more suspicious debris, they should report it to the local authorities and inform the Australian Space Agency. Earlier in Australia, the issue of space debris was raised when a sheep herder in New South Wales found a burnt piece of SpaceX mission on his land last August.