Mrs Ireland Kate Schneider became new Mrs. World

Mrs Ireland Kate Schneider

Colombo: Kate Schneider of Ireland has been declared the new Mrs. World. The organizers said that beauty, who had earlier won this competition, has been declared the new winner after resigning from the winner position of this beauty pageant. Mrs. World Inc. Said that she has received the resignation of Caroline Jury and therefore the second-placed Mrs. Ireland Kate Schneider will be the new Mrs. World 2020. The website of the married women’s beauty contest, Mrs. World, published a photo of Schneider with the title Mrs. World.

The jury removed the crown from the head of Mrs. Srilanka winner Pushpika De Silva during the competition. The jury returned the title earlier this month while defending her decision to remove the crown from the head of this year’s Mrs. Sri Lankan winner DeSilva, claiming that she was ineligible to join the competition on April 4 because They had been divorced.

Mrs Ireland Kate Schneider

DeSilva said that she has separated from her husband but has not divorced. Mrs. World Inc. Said in a statement on Tuesday that the jury has “resigned automatically and it is its own decision.”