More than 40 years old nuclear plants will start again in Japan

Old nuclear plants will start again in Japan

Tokyo: The more than 40-year-old nuclear plant in central Japan will be operational again after a decade as Japan moves towards meeting its goal of cutting carbon emissions. The plant, which was shut down due to the Fukushima nuclear accident of March 2011, has previously had a fatal accident. Kansai Electric Power Corporation said work began Wednesday at the Mihama No. 3 nuclear plants in Fukui province after workers removed control rods from inside.

The reactor began operation in 1976 and is the oldest plant in Japan. It is one of three reactors operated by Kansai Electric that have been expanded to function beyond their initial 40 years of operation and is the first of three to be allowed to resume operations following the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant. has been given. Following the accident, strict standards were set for all reactors in Japan and extensive safety checks were carried out.

Old nuclear plants will start again in Japan1

Some residents of Fukui and surrounding areas filed a request for an injunction on Monday in Osaka District Court over concerns about the aging of the Mihama number three reactor. The reactor had an accident in 2004 in which five workers were killed and six others were injured when hot water and steam leaked from a torn pipe in its turbine building. Kansai Electric is also planning to restart two other outdated reactors – Takahama No. 1 and No. 2.