Moderna vaccine maintains immunity for a long time: Study


Washington: The immunity created by Moderna’s anti-Covid-19 vaccine lasts for at least six months and there is no indication that people who have been vaccinated need a ‘booster dose. It is said in one study.

Research published in the journal ‘Science’ says that this time of six months is important because it is during this time that real disease-resistant memory is formed. Researchers said that Moderna’s anti-Covid-19 has strong immunity and that the antibodies work for at least six months after full vaccination of participants in clinical trials, so there is a possibility that The resistance can last even longer.


Research results also show that this strong immunity persists in all age groups. These age groups also include people over the age of 70. Professor Shane Crotty, from the La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) in the US, said, “The research showed stable immune memory, which is impressive. This is a good sign of long-term effectiveness of mRNA vaccines.”