Mexico wall, from climate change to corona control, Biden changed these big decisions of Trump

joe biden oath ceremony

Washington: US President Joe Biden on Wednesday took the oath of office as President, promising to improve relations with US partners and increase partnership with the world once again. In his maiden speech as the 46th President of the country, he said that the country had passed the test and emerged strong. The 78-year veteran leader of the Democratic Party said in his speech, “We will be strong and trusted partners in the field of peace, progress and security.”

As everyone expected President Joe Biden to take over power, many of the major decisions of former President Donald Trump would be overturned, and that is exactly what happened. After taking oath as president, Joe Biden took over his work directly in the Oval Office and got into quick action.

What important decisions President Biden took:

  • Decision to control the corona epidemic.
  • Announced to provide financial support to the common people on a large scale.
  • America returns on the issue of climate change.
  • Great step towards ending apartheid.
  • The decision to withdraw from the World Health Organization is currently withheld.
  • The decision to build a wall on the border was stopped, funding was also stopped now.
  • The Muslim countries which were banned by the Trump administration, then withdrew it.
  • The student loan installment has been postponed till September.
  • Significantly, the Donald Trump administration has faced the issue of climate change for a long time. The US had also withdrawn its name from the Paris Agreement. Simultaneously, the Trump administration severed its ties with the World Health Organization in the midst of the Corona crisis, which led to much criticism. At the same time, President Joe Biden has changed both of these big decisions. At the same time, there will be some changes in the foreign policy of America.

Moving towards this, the US Embassy in Israel has now changed the name of its Twitter handle. The name on the Twitter handle during the first Trump administration was ‘US Ambassador to Israel’, now changed to ‘US Ambassador to Israel, Gaza and West Bank’. It is clear that the Trump administration had previously recognized them as an Israeli place, but now the king has changed and now the result is also changing.

Let us tell you that President Biden has elected veteran diplomat Daniel Smith to the post of acting foreign minister in his government. Biden wants Anthony Blinken to serve as foreign minister and is awaiting approval from the Senate. Significantly, Joe Biden has been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America and Kamla Harris of Indian origin along with him as Vice President.