Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose vaccine to protect Covid-19, final decision on use soon

Johnson & Johnson's one-dose vaccine

Washington: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) independent consultants are scheduled to discuss Friday on a COVID-19 Vaccine with Johnson & Johnson’s one-dose dose (COVID-19 Vaccine), based on which Use may be allowed within a few days. Scientists at the FDA have confirmed that the vaccine has about 66 percent efficacy to prevent infection with moderate to severe levels of Covid-19.

The FDA stated that this Johnson & Johnson vaccine would require just one dose instead of two and that it is safe to use. The FDA is just one step away from allowing a third vaccine for the US.

Johnson & Johnson's one-dose vaccine

On Friday, the agency’s independent advisors will discuss whether sufficiently convincing evidence is available to allow this vaccine. Based on that advice, the FDA is expected to make a final decision within a few days.

So far, about 45.5 million people in the US have received at least one dose of the vaccine produced by Pfizer or Moderna. At the same time, two crore people have received the second dose.