Jinping told the army in Tibet – keep strong preparations for war

Xi Jinping

Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping has met top military officials in Lhasa and asked them to fully strengthen war preparedness. This statement of Jinping, who visited Tibet for the first time close to the border of India, is raising questions about the intention of the dragon. Let us tell you that for more than a year, there has been a tussle between India and China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

A day after reporting of Jinping’s unannounced visit to India’s strategically important region, including Nyingchi, bordering Arunachal Pradesh, state media reported his meeting with top military officials in Lhasa. According to reports, Jinping has underscored the importance of long-term stability and prosperity in Tibet.

The Global Times said in its news that Jinping met the top officials of the Chinese military’s Tibet command and called for the complete strengthening of the training work and war preparedness of the soldiers. This was Jinping’s first visit to Tibet as president, which lasted from Wednesday to Friday. But China’s official media kept the news related to it confidential until its conclusion on Friday.

During this visit, Jinping first visited Nyingchi, which is a strategically important city on the border with Arunachal Pradesh of India. On Thursday, he reached Nyingchi railway station and inquired about the things related to it. State media said his visit ended on Friday with a meeting with military officials stationed in Tibet. In his meeting with the officials, he underlined the importance of long-term stability and prosperity in Tibet.

Xi Jinping

Let us tell you that Jinping’s first visit to Tibet took place in eastern Ladakh amid the ongoing military standoff between India and China.