Japanese Defense Ministry extends order to destroy N Korean missiles in case of threat

Japanese extends order to destroy N Korean missiles

Tokyo: The Japanese Defense Ministry announced on Sunday an indefinite extension of the order to destroy a North Korean missile if it poses a threat to the territory of the country.

“Regarding the order on the introduction of measures to destroy ballistic missiles, issued on May 29, 2023, we will temporarily extend it for the period after June 11, 2023,” the ministry said in a statement.

On May 31, KCNA reported that Pyongyang’s National Aerospace Development Administration unsuccessfully launched the Malligyong-1 military reconnaissance satellite mounted on the Chollima-1 carrier rocket. After the separation of the first stage, the engine of the second stage failed to ignite, causing the rocket to lose thrust and fall into the Yellow Sea, the report said.

Japanese extends order to destroy N Korean missiles

Following the launch, Tokyo sent a protest to North Korea through diplomatic channels in Beijing, condemning Pyongyang’s actions as a threat to the security of Japan. The International Maritime Organization, in turn, adopted a resolution condemning North Korea’s missile launches as a serious threat to the safety of international shipping. On June 4, North Korea responded with a statement, in which it threatened to stop informing the organization about the country’s future launches.