Israeli Attacks Claim 67 Lives in 24 Hours, Dashing Ceasefire Hopes during Ramadan

Israeli Attacks Claim 67 Lives in 24 Hours

Rafah, Gaza Strip: In the past 24 hours, the conflict in Gaza has taken a devastating turn, with at least 67 lives lost due to relentless Israeli attacks in Rafah. These tragic events unfold amidst shattered hopes for a ceasefire during the sacred month of Ramadan, pushing the grim toll of Palestinian casualties in the ongoing war to over 31,112, as reported by Gaza’s Health Ministry.

Ceasefire Eludes as Ramzan Fasting Begins

As the people of Gaza commenced fasting on Monday to observe the start of Ramadan, the humanitarian crisis deepened, exacerbated by the unrelenting Israeli attacks. Earlier aspirations for a ceasefire agreement before Ramadan, facilitating the exchange of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners along with the delivery of much-needed humanitarian aid to Gaza, were thwarted as talks on the agreement stalled last week. The United States, Qatar, and Egypt had been actively engaged in diplomatic efforts to broker a truce but faced significant challenges in resolving it.

Humanitarian Toll Mounts

The latest casualties reported by Gaza’s Health Ministry indicate that the bodies of 67 individuals, victims of Israeli attacks, were transported to hospitals in the past 24 hours. This grim development raised the total number of Palestinians killed in the conflict to over 31,112. While the ministry did not provide a detailed breakdown of civilian and fighter casualties, it revealed that two-thirds of the deceased included women and children.

Israeli Attacks Claim 67 Lives in 24 Hours

Roots of Conflict

The current wave of violence traces back to October 7, 2023, when Hamas-led terrorists launched an attack on southern Israel, resulting in the deaths of approximately 1,200 people and the capture of 250 hostages. Despite subsequent retaliatory measures by Israel, the conflict has persisted, leading to widespread displacement, with approximately 80 percent of Gaza’s 2.3 million inhabitants now rendered homeless.

As international efforts to broker a ceasefire continue, the people of Gaza endure the devastating consequences of this prolonged conflict, further compounded by the challenges of observing Ramadan amidst the relentless violence.