Israel built 65 km long iron wall, enemies will end in a few seconds

Israel built 65 km long iron wall

Jerusalem: Israel has been at war with Hamas in Gaza for a long time. Israel has completed the construction of a 65 km-long ‘iron wall’ to prevent Hamas attacks. This hi-tech wall is equipped with underground sensors, radars, and cameras. Enemies will come under the attention of Israeli security forces if they try to cross this wall from Gaza’s side. In the blink of an eye, they will be annihilated.

Israel is calling it a barrier, which has been completed after about three and a half years of construction. Israel has blocked Gaza ever since the Hamas regime came to power in 2007. Under this, strict restrictions have been placed on the movement of goods and people.

About two million people live in Gaza City and have to go through these Israeli restrictions. Israel’s Defense Ministry issued a statement saying that the 65-km-long ‘barrier’ has been completed.

Israel built 65 km long iron wall

The Defense Ministry said that it also includes underground barriers with sensors, 6 meters high smart fences, radars, cameras, and maritime surveillance systems. Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz said the structure would act as an iron wall between the people of southern Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas.

Israel warned its citizens that Hamas could infiltrate Israeli territory through tunnels from Gaza and carry out attacks. Gantz said the barrier would give Israeli citizens a sense of security. Israel has also built a similar wall in the West Bank area.