Iraq evacuates Tahrir Square, the center of protests in Baghdad for a year

Iraq evacuates Tahrir Square

Baghdad: The Iraqi Security Forces on Saturday evacuated the famous Tahrir Square in the capital Baghdad, which has been the center of anti-government protests for the past one year on the issue of corruption.

The protests, which began on the issue, were followed by months of clashes between protesters and authorities across the country, in which more than 500 people were shot dead by security forces.

Iraq evacuates Tahrir Square

Iraqi officials have also opened the nearby Jamhuriya Bridge, which completely connects the fortified area with government buildings and foreign embassies. This bridge is built on the river Tigris.

“The opening of the Al Jamhuriya Bridge and the removal of the tents from Tahrir Square were carried out with the help of the protesters and there is no tension,” said Maj. Gen. Cas-al-Mohammedavi, head of the Baghdad Military Operations Command.