Indonesia: Fire breaks out in prison, 41 inmates killed, 39 scorched

Fire breaks out in prison

Jakarta: According to big news, at least 41 prisoners have died, 39 have been scorched due to a fire in a prison near the capital of Indonesia. In this regard, Rika Aparianti, spokesperson of the Department of Corrections of the Ministry of Justice, said that the fire broke out in ‘C’ block of Tangerang prison located on the outskirts of the capital.

It is noteworthy that criminals associated with drug trafficking are kept in this jail. Local authorities are currently investigating the cause of the fire. On this incident, the police told that the capacity of this jail is to hold 1225 prisoners, but more than two thousand prisoners were kept here at Filal.

Fire breaks out in prison

At the time of this incident of arson, there were 122 prisoners in the ‘C’ block of the jail. A large number of policemen and soldiers were pressed into service to douse the fire. After several hours of effort, the fire was brought under control and all the prisoners were taken to the hospital, the spokesman said. At present, the investigation of the incident is going on and the rescue work is also in full swing.