In Britain, now all adults will be given twice a week Covid-19 investigation


London: The UK government announced a new strategy on Monday to locate Covid-19 patients without symptoms. According to the government, all people living in England will be able to get free, regular, and quick Covid-19 tests twice a week from Friday. Initiating the removal of restrictions on businesses, shops, and restaurants, the British Government said that anyone can conduct a Covid-19 examination of themselves and their family members twice a week from Friday. It is expected that this initiative will also help scientists in effectively detecting new types of coronavirus because screening more people will increase the chances of detecting and controlling the type of new virus.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, “The British public will have to take the great initiative to stop the spread of the coronavirus.” As we are making good progress in the vaccination program and work is going on to vigilantly remove the restrictions, regular screening is more important and this will ensure that our efforts do not go in vain. ”

Boris Johnson

He said, “So we are now going to start free rapid screening for all across England which will help us to prevent and monitor the epidemic so that we will be able to see our loved ones and enjoy them.” What we want to do. “

In the UK, so far, free rapid COVID-19 screening facilities were available only to those most at risk or who leave home for work, including National Health Service personnel, nurses, etc.