Imran Khan’s international disgrace, Pak embassy bid, salary not received for 3 months

Pak embassy salary not received for 3 months

Islamabad: Inflation is touching the sky in Pakistan. The country has huge foreign debt. To take a new loan, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has also compromised with the sovereignty of his country. Meanwhile, Pakistan Embassy officials in Serbia have insulted Imran Khan internationally.

Recently, there was a stir in Pakistan when a complaint has been made by tweeting from the official Twitter handle of the Embassy of Pakistan in Serbia and non-payment of salary for three months. Prime Minister Imran Khan has also been tagged in this tweet. Another tweet has been made below this tweet, in which it is written that there was no other option than this.

News agency ANI has shared the tweet of the Pakistani Embassy in Serbia, in which the officials have asked Imran Khan a question. In this tweet, the officials posted in the embassy have asked Imran, ‘Inflation in Pakistan is leaving behind all its records so far. Prime Minister Imran Khan For how long do you expect us, government officials, to remain silent. We have not got a salary for three months, still, we are working. Our children have been thrown out of school because of non-payment of school fees.

Inflation in Pakistan at a 70-year high
The general public is very upset due to inflation in Pakistan. It is being told that inflation in Pakistan has reached its highest level in 70 years. According to the report of ‘The News’, the prices of food in Pakistan have doubled. There has been a huge jump in the prices of ghee, oil, flour, and chicken.

From food and drink to diesel-petrol prices have become out of reach of the common man. People are directly blaming Imran Khan for this bad situation. People say that as a Prime Minister Imran has failed on all fronts.

Pak embassy salary not received for 3 months

Ever-increasing foreign debt
The foreign debt on Pakistan is increasing continuously and it is hardly able to meet its daily expenses. Pakistan, which is facing charges of promoting terrorism, does not have a good image in the world. Pakistan will remain in the ‘Grey List’ of the Financial Action Task Force. The global body against the financing of terrorism said that the action taken by the United Nations (UN) against designated terrorists such as India’s Most Wanted Hafiz Saeed (and Masood Azhar) as well as the groups led by them needs to be told.