Imran Khan laid the foundation of Taliban in Pakistan? Announcement of Rahmatul Lil Alameen Authority

Imran khan

Islamabad: Imran Khan, very happy with the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, has now announced the formation of an authority on the lines of Taliban in Pakistan. Earlier, Imran Khan had indicated that he also wants to take Pakistan on the path of the Islamic groups. Now on Sunday, he announced the formation of the Rahmatul Lil Alameen Authority, giving himself the contract to present the ‘right picture of Islam in the world’. The task of this authority is to change the education system of Pakistan according to Sharia. It is believed that Imran Khan has in a way laid the ‘foundation of Taliban’ in the country.

While addressing the Ashra-e-Rahmatul Lil Alameen (PBUH) organized in Islamabad, Imran Khan linked it with the development of the country and said that no country can progress by lowering its moral values. Imran said, “Many scholars will be part of it (authority). One of the functions of this authority will be to tell the world what Islam really is.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that eminent scholars would be part of this authority, which would oversee the curriculum of schools. Imran Khan said, ‘They will tell us whether there is a need to change the curriculum.’ Imran, who has failed to protect the minorities in the country, also said that other religions will also be taught. Media and social media will also have to be followed according to Sharia experts. A scholar will look into issues related to media and social media.

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Imran Khan said that the authority will be given the task of making cartoons according to their culture. He said, ‘Cartoons are showing foreign culture to our children. We cannot stop them, but we can give them a choice. Imran Khan said that the authority will also assess the advantages and disadvantages of western civilization on Pakistani society. “When you bring western civilization into the country, there is also a need to assess the damage it is doing to us,” he said.