Imran Khan is troubled by mosquitoes and ants, kept in the barracks of terrorists

Imran khan realeased

Islamabad: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s lawyer on Monday claimed that the PTI chief has been kept in deplorable conditions at Attock jail in Punjab province and has been given “C-class” jail facilities. On August 5, a trial court in Islamabad convicted Imran Khan and sentenced him to three years in prison in a corruption case related to hiding information about government gifts. Soon after the verdict, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief was arrested by the police from his residence in Lahore.

Demand to provide A class jail facility to Imran Khan by filing a petition
According to a Times of India report, the jail administration did not allow his lawyers and party colleagues to meet him for two days. However, on Monday afternoon, Imran’s legal affairs spokesperson Naeem Haider Panjotha was allowed to meet him. Earlier on Monday, Panjotha filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court requesting it to declare Imran’s detention in the Attock jail as “illegal”. The petition has also requested to provide “better class/A-class” jail facilities to the PTI chief.

Panjotha met Imran Khan for 45 minutes
It urged that Imran be allowed regular access to his legal team, family members, his personal physician, Dr. Faisal Sultan, and political associates, whose list was submitted to the court. Addressing a press conference after his meeting with Imran which lasted for an hour and 45 minutes, Panjotha said that the PTI chief is being kept in a small-class cell of 9 x 11 feet.

Imran Khan is troubled by mosquitoes and ants
According to Khan’s lawyer, there is an open toilet in the cell, which has no door or wall and rainwater entered it last night. Advocate Khan further said, he was also told about the difficulties faced in offering prayers due to the small space. Panjotha said, “But despite all this their morale is very high.” Panjotha quoted Imran as saying, “In the jail, there are mosquitoes in the morning and ants in the evening.” Regarding food, Panjotha said, Khan told him that he would get the usual “dal (lentils)” and “saag (spinach).” Was being given, but he had no problem with it.


Will never accept slavery even if put in D category jail: Imran Khan
Panjotha said, “Khan asked me to tell the media that he would never accept slavery, even if he was kept in a D-category jail.” The PTI chief also said that for the third time on Saturday at his house There was an attack and an attempt was made to break open the door of his bedroom. According to Panjotha, Imran instructed the party’s legal team to take legal action against those who “attacked” and “kidnapped” Zaman Park.

Imran Khan was kept in the cell reserved for terrorists!
Earlier in the day, the petition filed in the HC said it was “yet to be ascertained” under which law the PTI chief was detained in Attock Jail, while the arrest warrant issued by the trial court listed him in Rawalpindi. K was intended to be kept in Adiala Jail. The petition states that the former PM was “imprisoned in a dingy room traditionally reserved for terrorists.