If the earth’s temperature rises even by 2 degrees, heat stress on 100 crore people, alert of scientists

earth temprature

London: The report of Britain’s Meteorological Department suggests that if the temperature of the world rises by 2 degrees, then a 15-fold increase in heat stress can be seen, due to which people from every region of the world will be affected. . Heat stress is defined as a deadly combination of heat and humidity. According to the new data received by the Meteorological Department, the number of people who could be affected by the heat stress caused by the new temperature has increased from 68 million to 100 crore today. If the temperature rises by 4 degrees, then half of the world’s population can be in the grip of extreme heat.

Dr. Andy Hartley, Chief Scientist for Climate Effects at the Meteorological Department, says that going above this level means that people are in extreme danger, vulnerable sections of the population of people who have to go out for work, or those who work in open fields under direct sunlight; They are all too much danger. These results are part of a series of maps showing areas affected by five different types of 2° and 4° climate change. Apart from this, floods, forest fires, drought, and food insecurity are also included in these types.

The risk of human heat stress depends on temperature and humidity. It is indicated using Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT). WBGT above 32 degrees indicates extreme danger. At this stage, there is a possibility of a bad effect on the body of the weaker section of the population working outside.

Dr. Andy Wiltshire (Head of Earth System and Mitigation Science) points out that any impact of climate change portends a dire future. But severe changes in climate change will result in a variety of effects, and our maps show that some regions may see many effects. Perhaps the effect of four of the five threats mentioned above can be seen in tropical regions such as Brazil and Ethiopia. If climate change is to be avoided, then with immediate effect we will have to bring about drastic reductions in emissions.