How Mars looks: China released pictures of Mars taken from Tianwen-1 Probe vehicle


Beijing: The National Space Agency of China published pictures of Mars taken from the Tianwen-1 Probe probe of the country orbiting around Mars. is. The National Space Administration (CNSA) of China has said that these high-resolution photos have two ‘panchromatic views’ and a color photograph.

These panchromatic images were taken from a distance of about 330 to 350 kilometers from the surface of Mars with the high-resolution camera of the Chinese spacecraft Tianwen-1. State news agency Xinhua has quoted CNSA’s statement as saying that small pits, hills, and mounds on Mars are clearly visible in these pictures. The largest pit seen in the picture is estimated to be 620 meters in diameter.

China launched Tianwen-1 on 23 July 2020. The vehicle has an orbiter, a lander, and a rover. According to the CNSA, the vehicle has traveled for 224 days and about 47.5 million kilometers. Currently, it is about 212 million kilometers from the Earth.

It entered a predetermined orbit over Mars on 24 February and would release its landing capsule after orbiting it for three months.