German curator kidnapped in Iraq rescued

German curator

Baghdad: A German art center inspector (curator) hijacked at the beginning of the week was rescued by Iraqi security forces on Friday. Security and government officials gave this information. A security official said that security forces had received information that the abducted curator has been placed at a location outside the capital Baghdad. Based on the information, the said place was raided and Hela Mevis was rescued at 6.25 am local time. The officer gave this information on the condition of anonymity.

German curator kidnapped in Iraq

Military spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Rasul shared on Twitter the details of the curator being rescued. He did not provide more information regarding the incident. Mavis was missing since Tuesday.

Security forces said she was abducted outside the Baghdad arts center where she worked. No group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping and authorities are refusing to give any information in this matter. Mewis is a well-known name in the art world of Iraq and a prominent face of anti-government protesters.