Geomagnetic storm will hit the earth today; GPS may be affected

Geomagnetic Storm

Washington: The Solar Dynamics Observatory of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has reported a bright glow from the Sun. Its effect will be that a Geomagnetic Storm or Geomagnetic Storm can hit the Earth on Saturday. However, it is being said that humans will not be troubled by this storm, but GPS and communication systems may be affected. The special effect of this storm can be seen in America.

On Thursday, millions of tons of ionized gas are reported to have been released from one of the five clusters of the Sun. The US Space Agency has informed that the X1 class flare emanated from the Sun on Thursday. NASA says that the X class shows the most intense brightness. However, the X2, X3 is even more intense. Due to this activity in the Sun, the radio system can also be affected.

According to media reports, the place in the Sun from where this flare has emanated, its name is AR2887. At present, it is at the center of the Sun and its direction is towards the Earth. It has been learned that the dangerous radiation emanating from the solar flare cannot pass through the earth’s atmosphere, which will not affect humans. But these radiations can cause upheaval in the part of the atmosphere where GPS and communication signals work.

Geomagnetic Storm

When the target of these intense flashes is directly Earth, an explosion of solar particles may also accompany them. This is called coronal mass ejection. This solar storm has been considered as G3 on the scale of such events. The good news is that with respect to the power grid, there is little to worry about at this level.