French researchers claim – Botox injections that prevent wrinkles can stop Corona

Botox injections

Italy: Botox injections that prevent wrinkles can prevent covid. This claim has been made by the researchers of France in their recent research. Researchers say, in July last year, research was done on about 200 patients who took Botox injections. Research revealed that only 2 people showed symptoms of the corona. Scientists at Montpellier University Hospital in France, who conducted the research, say that Botox injections can help protect against corona. More study is being done on this.

Researchers say, due to the chemical acetylcholine, muscles contract and wrinkles appear. Botox injection prevents this chemical from growing and relaxes the muscles. Research has claimed that the coronavirus infects cells by binding to this acetylcholine chemical. Botox injection controls this chemical, so it can also protect against Kovid. According to French researchers, more research needs to be done on Botox injections to explain the extent to which the corona can be controlled.

Scientists did research on 193 people to see the effect of Botox injections on Kovid patients. Of these, 146 were women. Their average age was 50 years. All these patients had had Botox injections. The patients involved in the research were monitored for 3 months after the injection. It was seen whether any of them had an infection of Kovid or not. The research report revealed that none of these patients reported positive. Although two patients looked suspicious. Apart from these, other patients did not show any symptoms.

Botox injections

A 53-year-old woman had just returned from a trip to Las Vegas. Mild symptoms were seen in her but the report came negative. Another 70-year-old woman had the disease but she was not tested. This research report, published in the journal Stomatology, states that none of the people involved in the study were hospitalized.