France’s Foreign Minister Reports Staggering Russian Military Losses in Ukraine

Russian Military Losses in Ukraine

Paris: In a revealing interview with Novaya Gazeta Europe, French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne has disclosed that France’s assessment of the Russian military’s casualties in the ongoing Ukrainian conflict has reached a grim milestone. According to Sejourne, the estimated total number of Russian soldiers killed since the beginning of Moscow’s invasion stands at 150,000, with overall casualties, including the wounded, surging to half a million.

The war, which has now entered its third year, has seen Europe and its allies maintain a united and resolute front against the aggression. “Russia’s military failure is already apparent,” Sejourne stated, emphasizing the heavy toll the conflict has taken on Russian forces.

Sejourne’s stark inquiry, “All of this for what?” was followed by a poignant conclusion: “for nothing.” This sentiment reflects the growing international perspective on the futility of the conflict.

While Russia has kept its own casualty figures under wraps, various sources have provided their own estimates. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reported in February that 180,000 Russian troops had perished in the war. The United Kingdom’s assessment aligns closely with France’s, estimating around 450,000 Russian soldiers either killed or wounded. The BBC’s April report, drawing on information from its reporters, independent media group Mediazona, and volunteers, suggests that over 50,000 Russian military personnel have lost their lives.

The conflict, initially termed a “special military operation” by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has devolved into a protracted war of attrition, further estranging Russia from Western nations. Amidst this backdrop, some military analysts speculate that Russia might be preparing for a significant new offensive in Ukraine.

In the economic arena, Sejourne touched upon the substantial frozen Russian assets within the European Union, affirming the potential to utilize these funds to bolster Ukraine’s defense and recovery efforts. The assets have accrued nearly 4 billion euros in 2023 alone, a sum that France advocates directing towards Ukraine’s defense and reconstruction.

Russian Military Losses in Ukraine

Novaya Gazeta Europe, the platform for Sejourne’s interview, was established by journalists who fled Russia’s foremost independent newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, in the wake of Ukraine’s invasion. The publication continues to serve as a voice for independent journalism amidst the ongoing conflict.