Former US President Donald Trump may avoid impeachment trial!

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Washington: Former US President Donald Trump may avoid hearing the impeachment trial because the Democratic Party has not been able to muster enough support from Republican Party MPs for this. The Democratic Party has passed impeachment against Trump on charges of ‘inciting rebellion’ but will need two-thirds of the votes in the Senate to hear the impeachment. Currently, there are 50-50 members of both Democratic and Republican in the Senate with 100 seats.

Democrats do not have the number
For a two-thirds majority, the Democratic Party will need the support of at least 17 MPs from the Republican Party. Republican MP John Boozman said, ‘I don’t know where you will bring 17 members.’

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So will the proposal not be presented in the Senate?
He went on to say that 45 out of 50 Republican party MPs voted on the motion that the impeachment hearing against Trump was unconstitutional after leaving the presidency. Republican MP Kevin Kramer said the Senate should not waste time in impeachment hearings.

Republicans against impeachment
Majority Leader in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, argued that impeachment action can be taken against Trump even after he leaves office, and it is constitutional. He said, “The former president has committed the biggest crime ever by any American president. I and many people believe so. The Senate will conduct a hearing against the former president and the senator will give his verdict on his conduct. ‘Senator Roger Vicar said that impeachment action against the former president was a mistake.