Firefighters struggle to contain nightclub blaze that killed 13 in Spain

nightclub blaze that killed 13 in Spain

Madrid: At least 13 people died in a fire in a nightclub in Spain on Sunday morning. Officials said that efforts to control the fire and rescue efforts are still going on. Emergency services said on Twitter (formerly Twitter) that fire brigades and firefighters were continuing to work at the scene. He said that the death toll here may increase further.

According to photos released by emergency services, the fire broke out in the “Teatre” nightclub, also known as “Fonda Milagros”. Rescue workers said they first received reports at around 6:00 a.m. local time (0400 GMT) that the two-story nightclub was on fire. On reaching there, 4 bodies were already found, 40 minutes later 2 more bodies were found. An hour later, Murcia Town Hall confirmed that the death toll had risen to seven.

Rescue workers are on the spot, and the search for unknown people continues
Rescue workers are still searching for unidentified people even after the fire. Young people waiting for information after the early morning fire in Atlas on the outskirts of the city hugged and looked shocked outside the club. One survivor, who was not identified, said, “I think we went 30 seconds to 1 minute before the alarm went off and all the lights went off (and) yelling that there was a fire.” .”

Mayor Jose Ballesta declared three days of mourning
Murcia city mayor José Ballesta declared three days of mourning. He said four other people were injured in the fire, including two women aged 22 and 25 and two men aged in their forties, all suffering from smoke inhalation. He said that more than 40 firefighters and 12 emergency vehicles were present at the spot.

nightclub blaze that killed 13 in Spain

How did the fire start and why did the fire system not work?
Diego Serral of Spain’s National Police told reporters that five members of a family and two friends were missing. The dead were found at the Fonda nightclub, one of three nearby clubs that suffered the most damage from the fire, including the collapse of the roof. He said the collapsed roof was making it difficult to locate victims and it was still difficult to determine how the fire actually started. Why did the fire system not work at that time?