Facebook put a warning screen on Cardinal Juan’s video, know what is the whole matter?

Mexican Cardinal Juan Sandoval Sanchez

Mexico City: Facebook has put a warning screen on a video put by retired Mexican Cardinal Juan Sandoval Sanchez. Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iñiguez has claimed in this video that coronavirus vaccines contain a satanic microchip. Facebook quoted Fact Checkers as saying that this screen video warns viewers that this post by Cardinal Juan gives incorrect information about Kovid-19. However, people can still watch this video posted on Facebook on January 12.

Cardinal Juan Sandoval is 88 years old
Cardinal Juan Sandoval is the serving archbishop of Orchidiasis in Guadalajara, a city in Mexico. At the age of 75, Cardinal Juan Sandoval took retirement in 2011. This year, he is going to be 88 years old. In the video, they are seen saying that the chip that you are going to put in the vaccine is the mark of the beast. The video is titled “Conspiracy to implement a new world order without Christ.” Cardinal Juan Sandoval also made a similar statement for a smallpox vaccine conducted in a laboratory in the United States.

Mexican Cardinal Juan Sandoval Sanchez

Condom, sex education, also opposed the use of birth control pills
He also opposed the use of condoms, sex education, emergency contraceptive pills. In August 2010, he intervened in the process of legalizing gay marriage in Mexico. He accused the Mexico Supreme Court judge of bribing the Democratic Revolution (PRD) and Mexico City’s PRD Mayor Marcello Eberard – saying the judge took the bribe so as to uphold the Mexico City law that allowed gay marriage and children. Legalized both adoptions.

PRD Mayor Marcello Eberard of Mexico City filed a defamation suit against him in Mexico City Civil Court after Sandoval refused to retract his comments. He has also made several objectionable comments on women. He said that women should not roam outside after being so provocative. This is why many rapes occur.