Explosion targeting Taliban government forces in Kabul, 9 injured

explosion targeting an Islamic Emirate's army vehicle in Kabul

New Delhi: An explosion targeting an Islamic Emirate’s army vehicle in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, has injured nine people and two army personnel. The Ministry of Interior in Afghanistan has given this information. Giving information about this on Twitter, a spokesman of the Ministry of Interior said that the attack took place in Kabul. The explosion took place when army vehicles were passing by. According to preliminary information, 9 people and two security force personnel have been injured in the police district of Kabul. Still waiting for more information.

Nine children died in the blast on Monday
A day before this, on Monday, there was a massive explosion on the Pakistan border in Afghanistan, in which nine children were killed and four were injured. According to information received from the Taliban’s governor’s office, the blast occurred when a vehicle selling food in Nagarhar province hit an old, mortar shell. The blast took place in Lolapar district in Nagarhar state. So far no one has claimed responsibility for this incident. The province is the headquarters of the Islamic State group, a rival of the Taliban.

explosion targeting an Islamic Emirate's army vehicle in Kabul

Suspicion needle on Islamic State
Significantly, on 15 August 2021, the Taliban took power into their own hands by overthrowing the Afghan government. Even after the power of Afghanistan came completely into the hands of the Taliban, there have been many attacks in Afghanistan. The Islamic State is separate from the government of Afghanistan. That is why it is believed that the Islamic State is carrying out many attacks in Afghanistan. Islamic State has been targeting minority Shia Muslims in Afghanistan since 2014 and has carried out dozens of horrific attacks since then. Before this, there was a tremendous explosion in the capital Kabul in December. Even a few days before this attack, the capital was targeted by terrorists. The responsibility of all these attacks has been taken by the terrorist organization Islamic State. That’s why Islamic State is suspected of most of the attacks in Afghanistan.