Every South Korean will be one year younger from today, know why?

Every Korean will be one year younger

New Delhi: According to big and interesting news, the people of South Korea will become one year younger from today i.e. Wednesday. Yes, you heard it right, their age will be reduced by one year. The reason for this is the new law.

In fact, in Korea till now, the age of the newborn at the time of birth has been considered as one year. In such a situation, in the new law, the age will now be calculated from the time of birth. This law was passed by the Parliament this year.

What is the matter
If seen, a newborn born all over the world is considered one year old only after 365 days, but South Korea is the only country where a newborn is considered one year old as soon as it comes out of the mother’s womb. But nature here has no hand in this. Actually, this is the tradition of this country which increases the age by one year as soon as one is born.

But now this age system has been abolished. Now in the month of June 2023, from today i.e. Wednesday, this system has been abolished forever. Now the newborns born here from June will not be considered as one year old, nor will their age be increased by one year on every January 1. Starting this month, the South Korean population will be set to be 1 or 2 years younger on official paperwork. Now from June 2023 on official documents the so-called “Korean age” system will not be approved.

Every Korean will be one year younger

What does history say
Now historians do not have any exact information about when this type of age determination first started in Korea. But these people believe that the age of the child starts as soon as it enters the mother’s womb. That’s why a child becomes one year old as soon as it is born. At the same time, some believe that this method was once very popular in Asia.

A similar method was earlier used in China, Japan, and Vietnam as well, but gradually these countries adopted the International System to determine age. At the same time, North Korea adopted this international system in 1985.