Elon Musk’s tweet saw rise in some cryptocurrencies again, Shiba Floki jumped 1000 percent

Elon musk

New Delhi: A tweet by Elon Musk, chief executive officer of electric car manufacturer Tesla and SpaceX owner, changes the fortunes of those investing in cryptocurrency many times. Sometimes the prices of cryptocurrencies start rising rapidly due to his tweets, and sometimes they start falling rapidly. This time a big increase has been registered in the prices of some small cryptocurrencies due to his tweet. Actually, Musk shared a picture of a new Shiba Inu in a recent tweet. He had given the caption with it, ‘Floki aa gaya’. This has led to a boom in Floki themed cryptocurrencies.

Shiba Floki price hiked by up to 1000%
Space-X founder Elon Musk’s tweet has caused the price of some small cryptocurrencies to climb up to 1,000 percent. According to CoinMarket Cap, the price of the cryptocurrency Shiba Floki has increased by 1,000 percent after Elon Musk’s tweet. The second cryptocurrency Floki Inu has also increased by 60 percent. Even before this, the price of many cryptocurrencies has increased due to Musk’s tweet.

What Dogecoin said on Musk’s tweet
Dogecoin’s official Twitter handle said on Tesla co-founder Elon Musk’s tweet, ‘I want to tell you that the size of your dog is like a small bean. This is not the first time that Musk’s tweet has led to a sharp increase in the prices of cryptocurrencies linked to the Shiba Inu or Floki. Earlier in a tweet by Musk, the price of such cryptocurrencies had increased after the pet dog Shiba Inu was called Floki. However, Musk’s tweets have also become the reason for the rise and fall in the biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin.