Donald Trump will soon launch his own social media platform ‘Truth Social’

the truth

New Delhi: Former US President Donald Trump has made a big announcement. Trump is going to launch a platform of his own on social media. Whose name will be Truth Social? There are reports that it can be launched by next month. Also, it will be available nationally from next year.

It is to be known that Donald Trump has been banned by platforms like Facebook and Twitter due to his many posts. This is the reason why Trump is going to start his own media company. Which will have its own social media platform. There are reports that Trump’s aim is to create a big company and give people the option of Truth Social as an alternative to the apps that have banned him.

the truth

Donald Trump says that we are in a world where the Taliban have a large presence on Twitter. Despite this, your favorite President has kept quiet. Since being banned from Facebook and Twitter, Trump has been constantly talking about launching his own social media site. About nine months ago, Donald Trump was banned on social media platforms.