Donald Trump hid secret documents in his bathroom-store room, allegations in 49-page charge sheet

Donald Trump hid secret documents

Miami: Former US President Donald Trump is going through the most difficult test of his political career. The indictment related to allegations related to confidential documents found at Trump’s private residence has been made public. In this, 37 charges have been leveled against him, including knowingly keeping documents related to national security, making false statements about it and concealing the fact of having confidential documents, and obstructing the process of justice.

This is the first time in US history that a former president has been charged with such serious federal charges. The most serious charges against Trump could carry a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. However, the term of punishment in these depends on the discretion of the judges and it is rarely seen that a person has been sentenced to maximum punishment in his first crime. Here Trump’s former president can also prove to be a major factor in deciding the term of punishment.

What are the allegations against Donald Trump?
In the 49-page charge sheet filed against Trump, it is alleged that he hid these documents in his bathroom, ballroom, shower area, office, store room, and bedroom. Prosecutors also said the former president ordered his lawyers to hide or destroy files to hinder the federal agency’s FBI investigation.

In this case, Walt Nauta, an aide of Trump, has been made a co-accused, and 6 charges have been filed against him. According to the indictment, Trump asked his lawyer Nauta to put the boxes of classified documents back, hiding them from the eyes of the FBI and the grand jury.

Donald Trump hid secret documents

Where there is very sensitive information in top secret documents, which only a limited number of people have access. On the other hand, those documents are kept in the secret category, if leaked, there is a possibility of a serious threat to national security.

Documents contained nuclear programs and military information
Donald Trump is alleged to have hidden secret documents in his house that contained information related to US nuclear programs and defense and arms deals between the US and other countries. Apart from this, it was told in a document that in case of any attack on America, how it would be answered and what are the weaknesses of America and its allies in the field of battle.