Donald Trump defends suspending green card process until 31 December


Washington: US President Donald Trump defended his decision to stop the green card issuance process by the end of this year, saying it was necessary to do this to give Americans jobs. Trump in April, through a government order, imposed a 90-day moratorium on issuing green cards. On Monday, he issued a proclamation, extending the suspension period to 31 December 2020. When Trump was asked about the suspension order, he told reporters in San Luis, Arizona on Tuesday, “We want to give jobs to Americans right now.”

Right now we want Americans to get jobs. ” The president said on Monday that the move was imperative to help millions of Americans who lost jobs due to the economic crisis amid the Kovid-19 global epidemic. Trump said the total unemployment rate in the country nearly quadrupled between February and May 2020. The US issues 1,40,000 green cards every year. Currently, the visa process for about 1 million foreign nationals and their family members living in the US is pending. These applications have been approved but have not yet received a green card for employment.