Dhaka Police Seizes Over 7 Crore Fake Indian Currency


New Delhi: According to news, Dhaka Police has recovered more than 70 million fake Indian currency manufactured in Pakistan.

According to a report by All India Radio, more than 1,400 bundles of counterfeit notes were kept hidden inside a water tank in a house in Dhaka’s Dakshinkhan area. Let us tell you that the fake currency notes made in Pakistan were sent to Sri Lanka, from where they were taken to Chattogram port in marble containers. Its intention was to send it to India through the border areas of Bangladesh.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Ahmed Asaduzzaman told the media that this currency was made in Pakistan and was sent to Bangladesh through various routes. He said the arrested person, Fatima Akhtar, was an active member of an international counterfeit currency racket, which used to send counterfeit currency from Pakistan to India.


Police raided the house after arresting two persons involved in an international counterfeit currency racket on Friday from Dhaka’s Khilkhet and Demra areas. They have named two Pakistani nationals Sultan and Shafi as the kingpins of the counterfeit currency racket. He said the police are arresting other members of the fake currency racket.