Detective claims – Putin’s eyesight due to cancer, only 3 years left!


Moscow: Vladimir Putin has been in constant headlines regarding the Russia-Ukraine War between Ukraine and Russia. By the way, Putin looks absolutely fit to see. The world of his macho body is also convincing, but these days a big update is coming out about the health of the Russian President. Russian intelligence sources have been quoted as saying that Vladimir Putin has a maximum of two to three years to live, as cancer is spreading rapidly in his body.

According to the report of The Independent, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) gave this information by sending a message to Karpikov, a former Russian spy living in the UK. The official has said that cancer in the body of the 69-year-old President is growing rapidly and in a serious manner. The official also said that Putin is losing his eyesight. He further said that he does not have more than two to three years to survive.

In this message from former detective Karpikov, it was written, ‘We have been told that he has a severe headache. When he comes on TV, he is given a piece of paper written in big letters. The letters are so big that only a few sentences can come in the page. His eyesight is decreasing very fast. Apart from this, it has also been said in a report that his limbs are also deceiving.

Putin is battling cancer and Parkinson’s
According to media reports, Russian President Putin has been ill for a long time. He is suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s disease. There were also reports this month that Putin had to undergo surgery to remove fluid from his abdomen. He was operated without any problem.

Putin India visit

The Russian president met Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko last week in Sochi. Even during the event, Putin was seen moving his legs awkwardly. According to the claim, Putin has to have two more operations. But, its date has not been decided yet.

External Affairs Minister denied the rumors of illness
The statement by officials comes amid growing speculation about the rapidly deteriorating health of the Russian President. However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday denied speculation that President Putin was ill, saying he had found no signs of Putin’s illness.