Dangerous solar storm coming to Earth? Giant sunspot turned towards Earth: NASA study

solar storm coming to Earth

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) has recently detected a major explosion on the Sun side. It was told in the report that this explosion happened in the sunspot. If that explosion had happened toward the earth, its consequences could have been dire. However, now the same sunspot has turned towards the Earth and astronomers have expressed apprehension that another explosion is possible on the sunspot, which may directly hit our planet.

The earth could be destroyed
SpaceWeather.com noted on its website, “A new and potentially large sunspot is emerging on the northeastern side of the Sun, possibly the same sunspot that spewed a giant plume of hot plasma from the far side of the Sun into space on Saturday.” Was thrown.’ According to the report, major changes can be seen on the surface of the earth in the coming days due to the presence of this sunspot.

solar storm coming to Earth

Fear of solar storm from giant sunspot
It is not that all sunspot eruptions are dangerous. Generally, it depends on the size of the sunspot and the amount of magnetic charge present in it. This explosion released a lot of coronal mass ejection particles. This is an indication that the explosion was so large that the mass on the surface of the Sun was blown into space. If this explosion had occurred facing the Earth, it could have caused a G5-class solar storm on Earth.

No direct effect on humans
This solar eruption could destroy satellites, mobile networks, and internet connections. Even this explosion could have caused the failure of the power grid. Although in terms of health, it does not directly affect the human being, the emergency service of the hospital would have been obstructed. Heaps of dead bodies kept lying in the hospitals. The last solar storm on Earth came in 1859.