Countries where sex workers pay tax, sex workers get pension in these countries

sex workers

Prostitution has been going on not from today but since the time of King Maharajas. After that, it expanded. But this work was not recognized in society. It has always been viewed with an inferiority complex in society. Prostitution has been banned in many countries including India. But prostitution is recognized in about 49 out of 100 countries worldwide where prostitution is recognized. It is still recognized in 12 countries with certain conditions. But in the Parliament of France, it is not kept in the employment of prostitution, it has been outlawed to pay money for sex. There are five such countries in Europe where prostitution is banned. But there are many countries in the world where prostitution has been kept in employment, their respective laws have been made. Worked to connect it with the mainstream by giving it a legal right. There are many such countries, let us tell you where prostitution has been recognized and they are kept in employment.

Prostitution is also legally recognized in our neighboring country of India, Bangladesh. However, the trafficking of minors is a serious problem here. But running a brothel or doing prostitution is considered permissible here.

Amsterdam’s red-light area is the most famous part of the world in prostitution. Unlike other countries, people here do not secretly go to the red light area. Tourists especially reach here to see the trembling bodies of sex workers in the red light behind the glass windows.

New Zealand
Prostitution was legalized here in the year 2003. For this, licenses are issued to brothels under the Public Health and Employment Act. That is, sex workers have the same social benefits related to employment as other employees.

Germany is one of the countries in the world where prostitution was first given a legal right. Licensing for brothels was arranged here since 1927. Along with health facilities for sex workers, initiatives like insurance were also taken. Here sex workers pay a part of their earnings as tax, while they are also given pension after a certain period of time.

This country of Western Europe has tried to break all the taboos regarding prostitution. Here you get a license for prostitution. This profession is taken as an art and in terms of security, there is also a system like a fingerprint technology and key cards in prostitution.

Australian kangaroos
Laws regarding prostitution in the country vary from state to state. In some areas, it is legal, while in some states it is considered illegal. This is also a system of licensing for brothels.

Today, in many places in society, women are forcibly put into prostitution, minor girls. Many such cases keep coming to the fore. Where women are doing this work, not in compulsion but forcibly.