Corona outcry in Europe, WHO warns – 7 lakh deaths may occur in a few months

WHO warning

Geneva: There is a steady increase in the cases of Coronavirus in Europe. The rapidly increasing cases have surprised the top health organization World Health Organization (WHO) and experts. The WHO has issued a warning that if cases continue to increase at this rapid rate, then there could be 7 lakh deaths due to Covid-19 in Europe. The WHO’s Europe Office has said that according to forecasts seven lakh more people could die from the coronavirus pandemic in the coming months in 53 countries of the continent, taking the total number of deaths due to infection to more than two million. can.

The WHO Europe office is located in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The organization cited a lack of measures to protect against infection and increasing evidence of vaccines revealing minor diseases. Also said that people with weak immunity, people above 60 years of age, and health workers, including the most vulnerable population, should be given priority in giving the booster dose of the vaccine.

However, the WHO’s international headquarters in Geneva has repeatedly advocated a year-end moratorium on the use of booster doses in order to provide doses for many developing countries that lack anti-Covid vaccines compared to richer countries. has been.


The situation of Covid in Europe is very serious
WHO Europe has urged people to keep a certain distance between themselves, urging people to get vaccinated and take care of proper hygiene, so that the virus can be stopped from spreading.

Dr. Kluje, Regional Director of WHO Europe, said in a statement, “Today the situation of Covid-19 across Europe and Central Asia is very serious. We have a winter challenge ahead of us, but we should not lose hope as we – governments, health officials, and common people – can take decisive action in containing the pandemic.”