Corona cases have started decreasing in Germany, lowest number reported in last 9 months

Germany corona cases

Berlin: Germany has reported the lowest daily cases of coronavirus in nine months and officials are considering the possibility of relaxing the rules of wearing masks. The National Center for Disease Control, Robert Koch Institute said on Monday that 549 cases have been registered during the last 24 hours. This is the first time since September 21 last year that the number of new patients is less than one thousand.

The reason for the relatively less number of cases on weekends is because of less investigation. There have been a total of 37 lakh cases in Germany since the beginning of the epidemic. With the death of 10 more infected, the death toll has reached 89,844. Infection figures have come down sharply in recent weeks and discussions have begun about the future of masking rules.

Health Minister Jens Spahn told a newspaper that a gradual approach should be taken and the rule of wearing masks in open spaces would be removed first. He said that the rule of wearing masks will be gradually removed in those closed areas where the infection rate is low and the vaccination rate is high.