Control losing from hands of Taliban, Islamic State has set foot in every province

taliban vs ISIS

Kabul: It has been only a few months for the Taliban, who occupied the power of Afghanistan, but its difficulties are increasing. On the one hand, the global country is not ready to recognize it, on the other, the Islamic State Khorasan is increasing its influence in the country. UN envoy to Afghanistan Deborah Lyons has said that the influence of the Islamic State is increasing in the country and the terrorist organization has penetrated into every province.

Lyons has told the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that the Taliban is currently resorting to killings and illegal arrests to suppress Islamic State. Lyons said – the negative thing in the whole incident is that the Taliban is not able to stop the spread of the Islamic State in any way. Until recently, Islamic State was limited to only a few provinces of Afghanistan, but now it has reached every province. Not only this, Islamic State is continuously increasing its influence.

The big threat to Pakistan, Islamic State has told ‘Target No. 1’
The growing influence of IS in Afghanistan is also being considered a threat to Pakistan. In fact, the Islamic State is deeply annoyed by the aid given by Pakistan to the Taliban and considers Pakistan the main target. In such a situation, if the influence of IS increases in Afghanistan, then it can have a direct impact on neighboring Pakistan. According to reports, ISIS-K member Najifullah had blamed Pakistan for whatever is happening in Afghanistan. He considers Pakistan as his first target.

taliban vs ISIS

Taliban preparing to build an air force
A few days ago there was news that the Taliban had decided to form their own air force to face ISIS. Sardar Dawood Khan, the main military hospital in Kabul, was attacked by the suspected ISIS-K. After the attack, the Taliban deployed three Taliban helicopters, including the US Black Hawk, on the roof of the hospital.

Fearing Taliban, spies of the previous government are joining IS
Intelligence members of the previous government of Afghanistan are becoming part of the Islamic State to fight the Taliban. This information was given in the report of the Wall Street General. The report said that members of the intelligence body of the previous government in Afghanistan are now joining ISIS-K to avoid and oppose the Taliban.