China shows eye on media institutions’ action, says – will respond in US language

us and china

Beijing: China has also warned of retaliation after the US has added four more media institutions to China’s “foreign missions” list. The US has listed four more institutions in the list of ‘foreign missions’ due to its links with the Chinese government and the ruling Communist Party. Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian described the Trump administration’s move as another example of blatant political repression of the Chinese media by the US. He said that this would interfere with his reporting on the US and it was a betrayal of America’s commitment to press freedom.

Zhao said, “We request America to abolish the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice and immediately ask to stop this wrong practice and correct it in a way that will not benefit anyone.” Otherwise China will give the necessary valid answer. ” Earlier in February, the US had categorized five Chinese media institutions as foreign missions. In this way, a total of nine media institutions of China are categorized as foreign missions. The US on Monday listed China Central Television, China News Service, The People’s Daily and Global Times as foreign missions.