China now explodes in water, can destroy US ports in minutes

underwater explosives

Beijing: China shocked the world and blew up a port using underwater explosives. This was the first test of this kind done. China’s official media Global Times gave this information in its report.

The Global Times said that in the event of war, this technique can also be used against America. The Chinese Army has done these tests on Saturday. It blew up a pier using explosives underwater at an undisclosed location in China. The Global Times newspaper said this technology has been designed to cut off enemy supply lines in the event of a conflict.

The Global Times newspaper said that stealth attacks could be carried out using explosives underwater. Because of this, even large ships like American carriers will be weakened. In addition, China tested two orbital weapons, which analysts said were hypersonic nuclear weapons.

underwater explosives

The newspaper report said the underwater explosives were used in response to a change in US strategy in the Pacific. It claimed that the US was dividing its forces by sending them into smaller locations, not gathering them in one place so that it could evade attacks. In such a situation, such weapons are being developed by China.